Our approach

At Knockout the foundations to our approach are based on four core principles…

Pillars of truth

We believe that for any brand to be successful and to stand the test of time it needs to be supported by solid pillars that are based on fundamental brand truths. This is what makes up the DNA of a brand and is the foundation that you build on to develop personality, character and identity.

A picture tells a thousand words

Semiology is the science of how we interpret colours, shapes, signs and symbols as visual cues. This is a primitive instinct that we learned in our early evolutionary stages in order to survive. However, our brains are still hardwired to rely on this system to decode what our eyes are seeing and interpret the meaning.

Snap out of it

System 1 and system 2 thinking is how our minds process the vast amounts of visual information we are confronted with every second of the day.

As strategic designers we understand how to disrupt this process and trigger the brain into catching the attention of your brand.

The magic of storytelling

From an early age we are raised to be fascinated and compelled by intriguing narratives. Storytelling has the power to transport us to other worlds powered by our imagination.

Well-versed associates

The team at Knockout are a collection of highly experienced associates who have worked together for many years and shared great success in the industry. We are passionate and dedicated creative entrepreneurs.

Meaningful connections

We look at the complete picture and create holistic design solutions that generate meaningful engagement for your brand.

Double vision

The team has client-side experience helping us to understand and consider the challenges within your organisation that most agencies don't see.

We run a tight ship

We keep a firm grip on operational costs and avoid commitments to large overheads. This allows the agency to be lean and means project budgets are focussed on talent and expertise.

"Creatives represent less than half of agency resources, because they’re surrounded by excess management, buildings and overhead."
Mark Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer P&G